I'm Jeanne, and I passionately believe that we are meant to live lives full of joyful celebrations, delicious food, and people we love — in short, I believe we should live splendiferously!

In that spirit, under the auspices of Splendiferously, I provide photography services (weddings, engagements, family, interior design, and more), as well as boutique letterpress design and printing.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, I live in the Westwood neighborhood with my spouse Jeff {musician, mallet-maker}, our fur-baby Jubjub {maltipoo}, and our furless-child Georgia {3 years old}.

The highest praise I repeatedly receive is that people love how they look in my photographs. I love capturing natural, sweet moments in natural light, as well as dramatic photography in the studio.

I believe in providing amazing, full service to create unforgettable imagery and paper products that you and your family will treasure.

I hope this site gives you some idea of my work ethic and my style. In the meantime, please get to know me and my work by following my Instagram @splndiferously.

Thank you for stopping by!


P.S. Keep scrolling for a F.A.Q.!

Illustration by Lise Grossmann Olivier Lebrun


How long have you been a photographer?

I charged for my first session in 2006! #old

Do you do mini sessions?

I do! But, they are not year-round. They are provided on special occasions when a number of them are done one right after another with a set set-up and limited time. This is why they're called minis, and this is why they're cheaper. Join my private Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/splndiferouslydeals to be notified of these and other upcoming specials. (Don't worry, you won't be inundated with marketing posts — just notifications of the specials!)

Do you destination weddings?

I love to travel! I have a Known Traveller Number and a valid US Passport. You would get the confidence that comes from working with a local or domestic photographer. Contact me and let's discuss! (I have been to France, Belgium, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, and Cambodia.)

What is lifestyle photography? Are you going to tell us how to pose?

Lifestyle photography is basically an approach to photography that is more about capturing people in their natural element (their home, for example) and not posed or in front of a studio backdrop. I do both kinds of photography: lifestyle and studio portraiture.

I recognize that it is difficult to act naturally with a camera in your face or following you around. So, have no fear. My first priority is to try to get you to be as natural as possible, because — believe it or not — it is THE most flattering way to be photographed! But, I will also absolutely coach you to help you get to that place! Some amount of posing is necessary for us to get everything in, but my goal is to get us in a flow and to have you feeling comfortable.